Connecting growth: digidip is now part of mrge
Meet our brand-new brand: As a member of mrge (formely YK Group), we look forward to connecting publishers and advertisers - for growth!
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The world's largest invite-only premium content and performance analytics network
A multiple award winning adtech company
Operating globally with a 100% reputable client portfolio
Managed by a truly dedicated & talented team of industry experts
Bootstrapped & profitable but still hardworking
Global player as a part of mrge
Always eager to develop additional potential revenue streams
Providing game changing features and optimization tools in the industry, built with love ❤️
How digidip works
The industry's No. 1 solution to solve the complexity of Commerce Advertising
Focus on creating your amazing content
Easily recommend products to your audience
If they purchase any of those products
You earn a commission on them
Not just monetizing your commerce content
Known to outperform any other solution on the market thanks to our inhouse performance intelligence & extremely ambitious account management.
Compatible with your social media channels
Stay flexible with your monetization - our simple tools make sure you profit from anywhere.
Reportings to take you to the next level
Have all the necessary insights about your revenue in order to optimize your performance.
In combination with the most innovative and useful features
Constantly unlocking additional streams of revenue for you.
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Our Features
To boost your revenue even more.
Google AMP
We fully support AMP through a dedicated extension we developed in collaboration with Google engineers. Our amp-link-rewriter extension is fast and supports a vast amount of configuration options.
Creator's Kit
Our Chrome Extension allows you to easily get the CPA info and grab shortened affiliate links while surfing on the advertiser’s website to rapidly publish on your sites or social media platforms.
Voucher Feed
Have access to the biggest feed of latest and upcoming voucher codes offered by advertisers, updated daily and available through your account or API to automate imports and search for codes that suit your content.
Flexible Integration
Each publisher has different needs and expectations on how to integrate third-party solutions on their site and this is why we offer a range of possibilities, from JavaScript to PHP SDK - we got the right fit for you.
Through our straightforward REST API you can programmatically access all your data, integrate it easily into your own system or import into third-party BI tools for further analysis.
Deep Analytics
With our reports you see more than just your daily stats, but also understand where your revenue comes from and why your traffic didn't perform as you expected so you can optimize as much as possible.
Our Philosophy
We keep our portfolio of publishers private & exclusive with the highest expectations of quality, because we know that quality will always win over quantity. We also believe, transparency is the key for substantial & honest growth and should never be sacrificed for short term profits.
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Our Philosophy
We keep our portfolio of publishers private & exclusive with the highest expectations of quality, because we know that quality will always win over quantity. We also believe, transparency is the key for substantial & honest growth and should never be sacrificed for short term profits.
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We match, if you…
Want to see sustainable performance increases for your products and offers.
Do not want to end up in a ticketing system but receive hands on premium account management.
Want your brand to receive the recognition and first class treatment it deserves.
Have a competitive philosophy that matches with ours.
Our USPs
As the key to your campaigns success.
100% Transparency
The only solution with a no-fraud guarantee and constantly advocating for more transparency in the industry to create a safe space for all participants based on fairness.
Extremely responsive
No impersonal and slow ticket system but instead a very engaged account management team that replies to your important requests swiftly with a hands-on attitude.
Handpicked portfolio
We don't offer a regular sign-up process to publishers and only let them participate by either approaching them ourselves or vetting every application properly to create the highest level of quality.
High conversion
Besides offering an attractive portfolio we developed smart tools and methods to make sure your brand stands out. Feel free to ask us about our latest best practice cases with advertisers.
Ambitious team
Each and every department in our company is occupied by some of the smartest and most competitive people in the field paired with a great service philosophy.
Active involvement
When you're an advertiser with us we want to involve you as much as possible to build a long-term partnership by aligning our goals and providing value to your brand.
We’ll help you scale.
About Us

We don't make promises. We deliver.

And honestly, there is nothing more to add to that. Since 2013 we aren't trying to impress with the usual marketing buzzwords to show how strong our technology and service behind it is, we rather proved it by always going the extra mile, being authentic and drive real results.

On a mission to simplify the complexity of Commerce Advertising we started as a bootstrapped company, continued on a rocky road to profitability to now being a valuable partner in the industry for so many exciting brands and publishers. Since 2021 we have been a part of the YK Group, an association of companies in the Commerce Advertising sector. In 2022 mrge, backed by Waterland, a private equity investment group, is launched and suceeds the YK Group. mrge is now the leading global platform for Commerce Advertising, connecting more than 5,500 publishers, 50,000 advertisers, 100 networks in 160+ countries and generating an annual e-commerce revenue of over $ 2.0B .

Company Roadmap. So far…
Trusted by over 30,000 of the world’s leading brands
Trusted by over 30,000 of the world’s leading brands
What our partners are saying about us

«As a very close partner, we have always found an unrivalled level of service in working with digidip. Their large pool of advertisers, their ability to understand both sides and find some win-win solution for the business, plus an outstanding level of reactivity are probably their biggest assets. I would warmly recommend them for any advertiser or publisher who wants to develop its affiliate business!»

- Sebastien Ducelliez, European Head of Partnership Management

«Rakuten Advertising’s partnership with digidip, has been key to our expansion plans in new markets. As a result, not only has our relationship vastly improved, but we’re seeing a close correlation in increase of performance YoY. We’re looking forward to doing more in the future as we continue to increase our geographical footprint!»

- Rakhee Jogia, VP, Publisher Partnerships International

«I can definitely recommend partnering with the digidip team, they are proactive, efficient and brilliant to work with. They've helped us set up new partnerships in the short time frame we've been working together and I very much look forward to continuing to build our partnership this year.»

- Clare Joslin, GM, Coupons International

«digidip offers excellent customer service and goes over and beyond to maximize revenues and sales for it's publishers.»

- Emily Ferguson, eCommerce Director

«It has been a pleasure working with the digidip team! They have never missed a campaign deadline and have open and effective communication. It’s clear by how proactive and attentive they are that they treat Udemy as if it was their own business.»

- Heela Gonen, Partner and Affiliate Marketing Director
Quality will always win over Quantity.