1. Why digidip?

    With digidip you have access to multiple networks and to more than 40,000 advertisers simultaneously. If you register with us, you will be able to avoid all the other enrollment processes that would be required if you registered individually with each advertiser. digidip allows you to have your entire performance marketing in one place.

  2. How does digidip work from a technical perspective?

    Once our code is installed on your website, you can normally continue to maintain your content while all the external links to advertisers will be appropriately tracked by digidip, thus making sure you receive commission from advertisers for sales generated through your site.

    If one of your visitors clicks on any affiliate link on your page or social media channels, it will be rooted through our servers. This is to check whether or not there is an affiliate partnership between digidip and the respective advertiser. If the partnership exists, digidip will add the necessary tracking information and direct your user to the linked page. If there is no affiliate relationship, your users will be forwarded to the page as usual- but there is no entitlement to commission. However, if the user ends up going to an affiliate partner and makes a purchase, digidip receives the sale commission information and adds it to your digidip account.

  3. Is digidip the right choice for me?

    To avoid possible disappointment, we want to make sure that digidip suits you well. If the following points should apply to you, then you have good chances:

    • If your site is active and functional. Therefore no work-in-progress or coming-soon websites.
    • If your website has relevant content. Such as forums, blogs and other similar examples.
    • If your website has outgoing links to advertisers, products or services. Those are easily monetized by digidip.
    • If you have a lot of traffic or a lot of active users, or both.


  4. What webpages cannot join digidip?

    • Webpages without any content.
    • Webpages with sensitive (FSK 18), questionable or illegal content.
    • Webpages with content that is not associated with affiliate marketing, such as political and religious websites.
    • Webpages that have nothing to do with products and services that could be purchased online.
    • Webpages with visitors from countries outside our service scope.


  5. Why is there an admission process with digidip?

    We want to ensure that our publisher network has a high quality and thus creates, not only for our network, but also for the associated advertisers, networks and agencies, an additional value. We can only allow publishers that meet our standards as well as quality requirements of our advertisers to join. We have to justify every single publisher to the advertiser and thus we are responsible for the quality of service and contract.

  6. How do I install digidip on my website?

    The integration of digidip is rather simple. We provide You with a short JavaScript snippet that you have to incorporate in HTML's  <head> part on your website.

    The JavaScript code is available once you login to our Publisher Area. Then go under "Projects", choose your website and click on "Get JS-Code".

  7. How do I test if digidip is installed properly on my website?

    Link your page to http://testscript.digidip.net - exactly as you would do if you, for example, were referring to advertiser's page- and click on the link. The page that appears will let you know if digidip has been installed correctly.

  8. What payment options are available?

    Currently, we offer payments via PayPal or bank transfer.

  9. How much can I earn with digidip?

    The amount earned cannot be fixed, as many factors play a big role. Those, above all, include your traffic volume, external links, the quality of your content, the relevance of your links, how active your visitors are, the other advertising on your website, the season and much more.

    We only monetize the possibilities that your text or content offers about your own links or tags that you have not previously used.

    digidip is in constant negotiations with advertisers about a possibility of a higher commission so that you could be offered a higher pay than the usual standard renumeration when working alone. Additionally, you save much time with the implementation and functionality of affiliate links that you can only benefit from with digidip in a long-term.

  10. What is the minimum payout limit?

    Our minimum payout is 100.00 EUR

  11. When will I be paid?

    All publishers who have reached the minimum balance that has been confirmed by us will be paid at the end of each month. Confirmed by us therefore means that the advertiser has made a payment to us, and we can forward it to you.

    The period is unique to each advertiser and network, but it can normally take up to 60 days, in some cases up to 90 days or even longer. Generally, we will make a payment to you as soon as the advertiser has transferred the money to us by the end of the same month.

  12. Why could my transaction be missed or not tracked correctly?

    This might be due to several factors:

    • To successfully track your sales, it is important that cookies are activated. Maybe some of your users are using AdBlocker, which does not allow any cookies in their browsers.
    • Your website/link was not the last referrer to the advertiser.
    • The user has deleted his cookies before making a purchase.
    • The advertiser does not pay for all products or services you linked to.


  13. Will my older affiliate links be overwritten by digidip?

    No. digidip will not overwrite any existing affiliate links, when they are cloaked as such. Our script converts existing advertiser links into affiliate links only if those links have no relation to previous affiliate links but have the potential of becoming so.

  14. Can digidip be used in combination with Google Adsense?

    Of course it can. digidip does not affect or conflict with Google Adsense, or vice versa.

  15. Should I tell my users that I use affiliate links on my website?

    Yes. We can only recommend to each publisher to make a disclosure notice. Here is an example:

    "Our website can contain some affiliate marketing links. That means that we get commission paid if products and services we write about generate sales. Our editorial content, however, is not influenced by advertisers nor by affiliate partnerships."

  16. What happens when digidip goes offline or "down"?

    Nothing will happen with your website. However, depending on which servers are down, during that time span, no links will be converted into affiliate links.

  17. Can I use other comparable service providers together with digidip?

    digidip only works best if you don't use similar services at the same time because the scripts could interfere with each other. In case of doubt just talk to us.

  18. Does digidip influence the SEO of my website?

    We are sure that digidip has no negative influence on your website's rankings.

    According to Google, there is no problem to use affiliate links on your website, as long you get added value from your users, deliver relevant content and give a reason to users to visit your website. Google also invested in an affiliate marketing network that works with a very similar technology in the USA like digidip.

    Fact is, we ensure that our publishers are not paid to post certain links on their pages or to specific pages to improve their rankings. These would be otherwise paid links that are punishable by Google. It is more legitimate if your content is relevant and has something to do with advertisers' products.

    Learn more about this topic from Google

  19. What is mrge?

    digidip is now part of mrge – what does this mean for my daily business? Nothing changes in your day-to-day business. Your contacts will remain the same and you will continue to enjoy the usual high quality of our cooperation. In addition, you will now benefit from even more reach, connections and influence from the global market leader in commerce advertising.

  20. What is Commerce Advertising?

    Commerce Advertising is mrge's unique approach that goes way beyond classic affiliate marketing. With Commerce Advertising, users become a critical part of the business model. When they find relevant product/service information at decisive points in their buying process, everyone stands to benefit. Because our technology places ads in the most relevant environments, the publisher's content is enhanced, the user makes the best purchase decision and advertisers can maximize their sales.